domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010


The world's largest country should also have a large and developed airport infraestructure. With over than 1000 air fields and an extension which spans in 10 time zones, Russia is certainly a place to travel by plane.  However, there is a noticeable high concentration of traffic around Moscow's three busiest airports: Domodedovo, Scheremet'evo and Vnukovo. Together they add 54% of all air passangers in Russia. Apart from the Moscovite airport lot, only St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport handled more than 2,5 million passangers in 2009

Other similar sized economies such as Brazil or Mexico have 12 or 8 airports over the 2,5 million pax mark. And more importantly, they are more distributed among diferent cities. Even France, 30 times smaller and with only 40% of Russia's population has 9 aiports in 7 different cities with more traffic. Just for comparision purposes, USA has 61 airports with more than 5 million pax.

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Despite the little traffic that large cities airports see now, they have been growing steadily and noticeably in the last few years. For instance, Kaliningrad and Rostov-na-Don, both cities around 1 million people have airports which have more than doubled their traffic in just 5 years.

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